Renee Gagnon of Cannabis Centre Inc

Renee Gagnon, the CEO of Cannabis Centre Inc (Canada). Founder and former CEO of Canada’s first five commercial marijuana licenses. Inventor, Proud Supporter of Women Grow and her new project is

The Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre Inc. (MCRCI) is a private organization created to assist patients, by providing guidance in the use of cannabis for medical purposes in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment, and enabling them to meet Health Canada’s requirements to use cannabis legally.

The Centre does not provide patients with a family physician or a specialist. The Centre works with doctors who have an understanding of cannabis and its medical uses. Those doctors confine their care to issues related to the medical use of marijuana and take responsibility for the support of Health Canada applications. One of the staff members of MCRCI will review your medical history and a doctor’s appointment will be arranged if you qualify.