Nurse Julie and Cancer-Curing Cannabis

Good News invites, Nurse Julie, owner of Medical Cannalyst Consulting Group. Nurse Juhlzie – as Heather calls her – shares stories of her involvement in corporate medicine, how it led her to cannabis medicine and the feedback she got from colleagues. Cancer-curing cannabis is all the good news on today’s show as Nurse Juhlzie comes out of the green closet.

“Mrs. Monteiro merges an extensive background in the Nevada nursing community as a licensed Registered Nurse with the newly developing and rapidly growing field of medical cannabis. By focusing on facilitating educational services within medical cannabis establishments and modeling current State regulations for employees, patients, and the community, her vision is to advocate the proper use of medical cannabis and promote awareness,” her website notes.

Monteiro is also a member of American Cannabis Nurses Association.

Medical Cannalyst provides a wealth of insight for patients to navigate Nevada State law, develop sound solutions for prescribed care and pharmaceutical alternatives, as well as creating personalized care plans which are at the forefront of the most current research from such organizations as American Cannabis Nurses Association and Patients Out of Time.