Jazmin Hupp founder of Women Grow

Today on Good News with Nurse Heather Cannakenny and Nurse Heather are joined by Jazmin Hupp, founder of Women Grow. Women Grow is a company that connects, educates, and empowers diverse cannabis industry leaders. Jazmin has monthly events in over 30 cities where she educates women and men with the goal to have 1,000 women launch cannabis businesses at the foundation of America’s fastest growing industry.

Before Jazmin became a part of the cannabis industry, she launched six companies in retail, eCommerce, business services, and media.  She was previously involved in customer experience design, combining product design, branding, and business operations. Jazmin believes that business is the strongest force of change in our world. Her parents were her inspiration for her passion for cannabis legalization, educating her to choose cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol. She works to create responsible cannabis businesses to help us change outdated laws and stereotypes.

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