Spray-N-Relief – ‎Synergistic Collabs Consulting

Andrew Young began his journey in the CBD and Cannabis industry nearly 10 years ago. Andrew has been an advocate, stakeholder and patient in the medical marijuana industry since 2007.
Andrew’s professional journey working in architecture caused a severe case of carpel tunnel syndrome in his right arm. After numerous failed attempts at pain relief with conventional medicines, he began his quest to find alternative pain relief remedies. After using a THC/ CBD topical pain relief salve bought at a local dispensary, he found the answer to his pain problems.


Andrews’s intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit drove him to create his own natural pain remedy to share with others. He developed Spray-N-Relief, a CBD topical spray based on a thousand-year-old eastern medicinal formula. Consumers began to see the astounding results with instant pain relief after application. With this success and passion, Andrew built a consulting company Synergistic Collabs and assembled a team of professionals to help make the growth journey possible. Synergistic Collabs has created some of the most effective THC & CBD based topical products, as well as an extensive line of CBD-based nutritional supplements for the cannabis and natural products industry over the last several years.
Andrew has an unrelenting drive and vision for the cannabis industry and is committed to making the world healthy through natural alternatives.