Tom Marino Withdraws Name From Drug Czar Consideration

Tom Marino Withdraws Name From Drug Czar Consideration as the U.S. Rep. has withdrawn his name from consideration to become President Donald Trump’s drug czar, citing a “critical illness in my family.”


Marino says he will remain in Congress, where he is serving a fourth term. His mother has serious heart problems.

In Congress, he authored the Transnational Drug Trafficking Act to crack down on drug trafficking across borders.
Marino also crafted a bill backed by large drug distribution companies that raises the bar for when the Drug Enforcement Agency can take action against drug companies.

Supporters say the law, the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act, keeps medication available for legitimate patients and encourages collaboration between the industry and officials. But critics say it effectively curbs the DEA’s ability to prosecute corporate drug distributors amid the opioid epidemic.