Smoking Medical Marijuana In Arkansas

The Arkansas State Senate voted down a move to ban the smoking medical marijuana Monday — but the sponsor is promising to bring it up again. Medical marijuana legislation is one of the major focuses on the state legislator. Monday’s vote is a defeat for those wanting to make drastic changes to the amendment approved by voters in November. The bill in question would have barred smoking of medical marijuana by those approved to use the drug by their doctor. But it would have allowed other forms of use like vaporizing. It was filed by Republican State Senator Jason Rapert, who has been a strong opponent of the medical marijuana program. Sen. Rapert argues that smoking causes health problems and cannot be considered medicine.  State Senator Jeremy Hutchinson says he agrees that smoking is harmful, but says voters knew that when they approved it. “The people have spoken. They asked us to implement their will, and to do otherwise would be disingenuous to the voters of the state,” Hutchinson said. The vote showed 10 in favor and 15 against banning smoking of the drug, with several legislators refusing to pick a side.

Rob Patridge, Chair of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, submitted his resignation to Oregon Governor Kate Brown yesterday. Patridge is leaving the OLCC to take a position doing public sector consulting with a private sector firm. Patridge’s resignation from the Commission is effective March 12, 2017. Former Governor John Kitzhaber appointed Patridge to the OLCC in October, 2012 and appointed him Chair of the Commission in July, 2013. Patridge was instrumental in guiding the OLCC during a period of increased consumer interest in craft adult beverages, and translated that interest into policies and actions to re-invent the agency and its interaction with the community and the public. After the November 2014 passage of Measure 91, which legalized recreational marijuana in Oregon, Patridge sharpened the OLCC’s focus to create a roundly supported system to regulate the cannabis industry. Measure 91 specified that the recreational use of marijuana be based on regulation and taxation determined by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

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