New Jersey Adds PTSD to MMJ Qualifying Conditions

Gov. Chris Christie, a notorious opponent of any expansion of medical or recreational marijuana, signed a bill adding post-traumatic stress to the medical marijuana qualifying conditions list in New Jersey.

New Jersey Adds PTSD

Rapper Jay-Z has teamed up with the Drug Policy Alliance to produce a 4-minute video excoriating the War on Drugs.

Researchers at Columbia have concluded that access to medical marijuana correlates with half the use of opioid drugs among people aged 21 to 40.

Smelling like marijuana was justification enough for a potential juror to be disqualified from serving in the trial of a man accused of murdering his toddler.

Opponents of California’s Prop 64 have claimed that legalization initiative will lead to the mass advertisement of marijuana on television, including family shows.

A cousin of former President George W. Bush has donated $10,000 to the marijuana legalization campaign in Massachusetts.