Colorado Gov. Warns California on Recreational Marijuana Hurtles

Colorado’s governor on Tuesday warned California lawmakers that their state has a “steep hill” ahead in legalizing recreational marijuana hurtles,  urging them to pay close attention to aspects such as home-grow regulations, pesticides and public safety. Gov. Hickenlooper addressed California lawmakers in Sacramento to share his lessons learned and words of wisdom from when his state launched first-of- its-kind, adult-use cannabis sales in 2014. He told lawmakers of how he was not a supporter of legalized marijuana in Colorado when voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012 and his concerns about the unintended consequences of such a move. However, health officials have not seen a spike in teenage use; there has not been a dramatic increase in overall usage or consumption; a collaborative taxation system exists to stamp out the black market and fund programs to address any unintended consequences; and polls show that residents are increasingly in favor of continued legalization, he said.

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says the medical community should decide whether marijuana is suitable medicine, not state lawmakers.

An Indiana measure that would allow some epileptic people to be treated with oil derived from cannabis plants has cleared the state Senate.

Michigan prosecutors are struggling to find a way to prosecute a medical marijuana grower whose booby-trap injured a police officer investigating a robbery.

Three Montana medical marijuana providers indicted on federal drug charges are asking a judge to throw out the case.

President Donald Trump is going to have to build a taller Mexican border wall if he wants it to block drugs from coming over the border.