Canada Expands Prescription Heroin

The Washington Post reports that the Canadian government has approved a plan to allow doctors to prescribe heroin to patients with serious addiction that is unresponsive to other treatments.

Canada Expands Prescription Heroin

Two of Canada’s largest banks have announced they will no longer offer services to businesses in the cannabis industry.

The trio of bills approved by the Michigan Senate to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries and edible medical marijuana products, among other things, are now awaiting the governor’s expected signature.

A physician who is a long-term advocate of medical cannabis use is asking Marin General Hospital to become the first in the nation to allow it in the hospital.

The headquarters of Magical Butter, a company that sells a machine that extracts oil from cannabis and other plants, is in the latest Florida city to decriminalize personal possession of marijuana.

Farmers in Maine have proposed a standard for certifying organic cannabis that could be the first such certification on the East Coast.