California Investigating Project SAM

If Project SAM leader Kevin Sabet is the so-called “quarterback of the anti-legalization movement”,

then former police lieutenant Diane Goldstein is the “defensive end of the anti-prohibition

movement” who just sacked Sabet for a ten-yard loss.

Diane Goldstein

Also on today’s news,

Florida’s limited medical marijuana-oil program, estimated to approach $770 million when fully

Walnut Creek, California, is the latest municipality to signal their opposition to the upcoming vote to legalize marijuana.
Reading, Pennsylvania, may join Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg in decriminalizing the possession of personal use amounts of marijuana.

Salt Lake City Poice say they’re investigating after a sixth-grade student brought to school pot brownies that sent three kids to the hospital.

Marijuana tourism could join vineyards and pear orchards as Rogue Valley agricultural mainstays in southwest Oregon and draw in more tourists, pot growers say.