The Health Benefit, Recreational Use, And Financial Stability

The trio is back! Scheril, Arby, and Leon took the mic to start us off with a bang. They talked about the recent Cannabis Business Awards they attended, the 75th professional agricultural workers conference and the NEW merchandise giveaway. Each year, hemp, marijuana, and CBD are all becoming more popular. The industry is growing and the people are learning about the benefits of cannabis. The 2017 Cannabis Business Awards was booming! Arby and Sheril went in support of Cannabis Life Radio and Green Roads World. They got to meet many leaders of the industry and were very humbled to connect with likeminded cannabis enthusiast. The whole Cannabis Life Radio team was encouraging to see such a great turn out and support for an industry fully devoted and ready to help the nation. So many people need what cannabis can offer.


The health benefit, recreational use, and financial stability cannabis can bring to this nation are more obvious each day. Like Arby said, “Educate to medicate”!  Scheril and Arby also shouted out the team at TFC Marketing. They are the behind the scenes crew that make the show go live each week! The whole TFC team believes greatly in the benefits of cannabis and has done everything they can to help the show reach more people. They are committed to seeing cannabis impact the community in a positive way.  Over the break, Scheril and TFC Marketing flew out of Miami. They attended the 75th professional agricultural workers conference in Alabama. Together they could document the development of communities and natural resources; primarily the hemp plant and how farmers believed it will help the industry in different ways. At the event, Scheril had the chance to meet more industry leaders and helped educate the community. If you missed it, Cannabis Life Radio was giving away their NEW line of branded clothing! They gave their listeners a preview of what’s to come. There are NEW shirts, socks, and pins that all look amazing! They will be released this week and available on our website! Stay posted so you can buy your Cannabis Life Radio apparel.