Cannabis Life Radio Confronts Jeff Sessions

This week, Cannabis Life Radio confronts the much-discussed Jeff Sessions about his recent speech bashing legal marijuana practices in America. Recently, Sessions rescinded the Cole memorandum, a federal policy, put in place by the Obama administration which regulates the use of legal marijuana amongst adults.

This announcement seems to be coming at an inconvenient time since big states like California and Massachusetts are breaking milestones by mainstreaming marijuana for recreational use.

Arby argues that the more people are exposed to the plant as medicine, the less stigma will be attached to it. “This is not JUST something consumed to get high, a lot of people actually need cannabis to live normal and fully functional lives,” Arby emphasized.



A reoccurring theme was the idea of standing strong in your convictions and getting in touch with representatives of your state. All the hosts agree that we should voice our concern for the backpedaling of laws. At some point, everyone will be forced to take a side so it is important to learn which politicians represent a cannabis positive attitude.

Floridian representative, Carlos Guillermo-Smith campaigns for the legalization of cannabis in Florida. Guillermo-Smith promotes a pro-responsible use bill. This means that as long as the plant is induced responsibly, it can be used recreationally.

Cannabis creates jobs, builds revenue and helps the sick. The cannabis industry experiences a lot of division. Instead of putting blame on one side over the other, we need to stand together and be advocates for the many uses of the plant.

Furthermore, healthcare options among the elite DO NOT represent the majority. Instead, they push big pharma creating opioid addiction and broken homes. If cannabis wants to have a more positive outlook in political arenas, they have to be represented properly and not stereotypically. This means the image of the atypical “stoner” should be replaced with the senior treating her arthritic hands with CBD, or the child suffering from seizures being given a THC gummy to diminish blackouts.




This week’s guests included Treyous Jarrells, a regular of the show and an avid user of Green Roads World products AND Jose Belen, a veteran who is trying to change the language surrounding the plant.

Jarrells talks about the opioid addictions that develop in athletic arenas, specifically football. He gives anecdotal examples of how harmful big pharma can be, and how athletes are limited in their options for pain relief. Trey explains that playing on opioids shortens sports careers because once the players start playing on pills, they stay on the pills.

Jose Belen tells his story about his battle with PTSD after deployment. Prescribed pharmaceuticals made Belen suicidal. Having access to cannabis helped him function as a human being, maintaining relationships with his wife and children. Belen aims to reach as many people as possible to prove that cannabis has the potential to break barriers and be transcendent in helping the greater good. He will be the host of a black-tie gala at the beginning of February, this gala will be intended for politicians, athletes, and celebrities. These “tip of the sphere” individuals can hopefully put patients first and help those in need.