Part 2: Whoopi Goldberg Talks Candidly about Cannabis

Dr. Dina continues her conversation with Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony-award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Whoopi shares how she first got exposed to cannabis, and her current preference for consuming cannabis by either vaping or edibles. Plus, we ask how have fellow celebrities, the media, and her fans have responded about her stance on cannabis use.

Goldberg spoke in part 1 of of our interview to discuss Whoopi and Maya, the company that she co-founded alongside veteran cannabusiness entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth will offer cannabis edibles, tinctures, topical rubs, and a THC-infused bath soak.

This conversation is a must listen for anyone who is considering getting into the cannabis market, those who are looking to incorporate cannabis therapy into their medical regime and those looking for sage advice from two of the preeminent voices in cannabis today.

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