Sarah Bofinger: Olympic Hopeful Risks It All

Sarah Bofinger: Olympic Hopeful Risks It All

Today on Cannabis Confidential Dr. Dina is joined by Sarah Bofinger. Sarah is a 2020 Swimming Olympic Hopeful who believes she could not compete without her use of cannabis.

Sarah Bofinger

Sarah was born with hip dysplasia and could flip her legs behind her head when she was born. She had 6 surgeries before the age of 3 and swam before she ever walked. Her seventh surgery resulted in her being on a morphine pump at the age of 15. That is the beginning of a journey that would lead to Sarah using cannabis to overcome her addiction to pain killers and ultimately compete at an elite level.

Sarah Bowfinger

In 2014, Sarah Bowfinger announced that she is training for the 2020 Olympics. Now she is announcing that she is using cannabis to get her there and wants it to be accepted by the Olympic committee. Listen as Dr. Dina uncovers why Sarah is willing to risk everything to support cannabis legalization on her quest for the Olympics.