Prison Outreach for Cannabis Prisoners with Stephanie Landa

“Anyone that’s involved in the cannabis industry knows that the odds are against you and there are a lot of bad laws out there,” “Dr Dina” opens.

“When I started in this industry, I knew a few people and had a few friends in the industry. I knew of people that had gone to jail for cannabis. It started becoming close to me until it was my friends that were going to jail,” Dr Dina notes.

Our government is throwing out millions of dollars a year to pay to keep people who are non-violent offenders in prison.

FBI reports 43.3% of all arrests for drug abuse violations are people who were in possession of marijuana.

Half the population in prison for drug abuse are in for marijuana violations

Guest is Stephanie Landa, a marijuana caregiver, who went to jail at 60 for for the cultivation of medical cannabis in the city of San Francisco who now works with the Can-Do Foundation.

Stephanie said “We were invited by the chief of police by the captain of the narcotics squad the district attorney, they gave it to us in writing so we thought we were going to be fine and we had this piece of paper, lots of pieces of paper..and so we were up there 3 months before the San Francisco police came into our place.” A citizen of San Francisco reported them to the feds.”

Stephanie was actually from LA and moved up the San Francisco in 2002. The discreet attorney assured them that they would be protected against a federal raid. They had it in writing for no plant limit, keep it in city limits of San Francisco. They were in the flower district, 2 blocks from the police station because they were told they were protected from the feds. The feds raided after 3 months, destroyed the entire grow with no arrests. They moved back to LA and 3 weeks later they were indicted by the feds. San Francisco police turned them over to the Feds. They couldn’t prosecutor us because they told us to do it, so the feds prosecuted.

Stephanie and her partners were threatened with 10 to life so they took a deal. The attorney had lied to them about the 1000 plant limit. Chris Conrad said to Allison and I (Stephanie) ” I don’t understand why you took a deal when there was only 800 plants.I overheard your attorney making a deal for over 1,000 plants.”