GiddyUp Discusses Closed Loop Extraction

“Dr Dina” has Giddy Up as her guest in this episode of Cannabis Confidential. Giddy Up is the owner of EmoTek Labs. He has engineered multiple award winning Extractors and is a top-level consultant in the industry. Strawberry Banana OG mix was his award winning live resin entry from Giddy at the Denver Cannabis Cup 2015.

The two talk about problems of making hash, noting it can be dangerous. EmoTek manufactures extractors and Giddy explains more ways of avoiding accidents in the extraction process. Safety and legitimacy were their motivators to build their products, Giddy noted.

Medical marijuana treatments are moving to CBD oils and so extraction plays an important part in the process, Dina notes. The two discuss advances in Cannabis oils and disorders that can be treated.

What is “live resin” gets explained and how the extraction is done to save the terps. Different from shatter or wax, live resin is becoming popular. The two discuss:

CBD oils without THC – not helpful for medicines

The role of terpines as a reaction agent

The impact of ‘live resin’ in medical use – particularly a paralysis case

The changes in Jamaica and the new World Cannabis Cup moving there from Amsterdam
Cannabis in Spain and how the country embraced the marijuana industry