Brandon Krenzler aka Cannadad on Finding Help for Brave Mykayla

“Dr Dina” starts her Cannabis Confidential episode with CannaDad Brandon Krenzler with some amusing and informative news shorts of the week:

Lawyer cited for dropping a bag of weed in court

Washington State – city of Bonneville – owns their own dispensary splits the town’s people on if it is a good thing. How do you talk to kids when the town has a dispensary and is still federally illegal?

Pediatrician prefer children smoke pot to drink alcohol. The university studies use government grown marijuana by the University of Mississippi where the THC and CBD levels are very low and not getting accurate test results on cancer and seizure.

Weed Warrior of the Week: Cannadad – Brandon Krenzler father of Mykalya

Mykayla – a 9 years old – in 2012 was diagnosed with an aggressive form of childhood cancer – T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia – that required chemo therapy and bone marrow transplant and fully body radiation treatment was suggested – but took the diagnosis to the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Portland Oregon and got a medical marijuana card and started taking RSL – Rick Simpson Oil – and six days later her oncologist was baffled as Mykayla was in remission.

Dina and Brandon have an open discussion of his daughter’s fight against her illness. Parents who are considering this alternative method of treatment for their children’s maladies should listen to this show. Brandon promotes parents doing research and does not suggest that traditional treatments should not be ignored, just that all possibilities should be considered.

They also discuss dosing and infusing CBD oil with liquids like coconut oil to spread the use of the CBD oil in a lower controlled portioning.