Neuropsychology and Addictions; The Resurgence of Hemp

Neuropsychology and Addictions are discussed as Dr. Mitch Earleywine welcomes Dr. Rayna Hirst, Director of the Neuropsychology Program at Assistant Professor, Palo Alto University.

Neuropsychology and Addictions

She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University at Albany, SUNY, with a focus on Neuropsychology and Addictions with Dr. Mitch as her supervisor.

Plus, Burning Issues presents a exciting new reguarly featured segment called Hempire (presented by CW Hemp). 

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In this debut segment, Dr. Mitch speaks exclusively with CW Hemp CEO Joel Stanley about the resurgence of hemp and a general overview of the hemp plant and its importance to the past, present and future of global health and economy.