High Times Rick Cusick Talks Strains, Cannabis Cups

High Times Associate publisher Rick Cusick joins Mitch Earleywine, a fellow High Times writer.

They discuss working at High Times and the changing perspective of users and usage over the past 4 decades. “Seems like we (High Times) have been waiting for this to happen for 40 years”, Rick said, over 20 for himself.

When Colorado went recreational we brought the first US Cannabis Cup to Denver, Cusick explained.  The two talk about the various Cannabis Cups High Times has been involved with throughout the globe.

The number one cannabis competition – panels of judges – know results day before show and then have the show to enjoy and announce the results. The Global Cup is moving from Amsterdam to Jamaica this year, Cusick notes, and informs us, Jamaica will recognize other medical marijuana cards from around the world – both then and moving forward.

The pair discuss the differences in male and female usage. Heavier users are predominantly male – 80-20%, but moderate users are split 50-50 by sex. While in the past the cannabis industry was largely male. But as the outlaw bonafides are no longer needed women are filling the space and getting involved and taking charge in many areas.

The drug testing industry rely on the testing of marijuana to sell their products. If legalization becomes widespread then that element loses importance and demand for testing drops. This history of drug testing gets discussed along with ways around them.

Cusick notes that hemp is “the 800 pound gorilla in the room” and its diversity could dwarf the cannabis industry.