Aundre Speciale from Phytologie Oakland

Today on Burning Issues Dr. Mitch Earleywine is joined by Aundre Speciale, Director of Phytologie Oakland. Aundre has been a huge part of cannabis law reform for over 25 years, has done work for formal activism, helped run dispensaries and fundraisers, and has even seen the dangers of prohibition up close and personal.

Aundre Speciale

Aundre Speciale began her cannabis advocacy in 1990 when her neighbor, Jack Herer, asked her to join him on the Hemp Bus, touring California promoting hemp for fuel, food, fiber, fun, and medicine. Thus began her lifelong love and dedication to cannabis reform. Aundre has been involved in countless cannabis campaigns and projects, including being a founding member of Americans for Safe Access, and serving on the board of the Marijuana Policy Project.
In 2004 Aundre’s desire to introduce a dispensary model focused on compassion, patient services, and community responsibility led her to open the first of several dispensaries across the state of California. She currently shares her vast operational experience by sitting on the boards of a number of licensed dispensaries throughout California, works with community service providers and city government to create enlightened cannabis policy, and funds cannabis research and reform projects.