Adolescent Marijuana Use and Academic Performance

Mitch Earleywine talks with Doctor Dustin Pardini from the University of Pittsburg Department of Psychology who studies adolescent marijuana use and academic performance.

His study tracked users through to their 30s and the impact marijuana use had on their cognitive functioning particularly academic achievement – covering long term impact of cannabis on those students. Looking at recreational use and not the heavily involved users most other studies had done.

Pardina and Earleywine discuss how the late adolescent user are impacted on their cognitive functions.

The motivation drop some heavy users exhibit had been the focus of most previous studies. Pardini’s study began tracking users from 13 who were – like most youthful users – not heavy users. The study found the impact of using cannabis did not heavily influence their academic performance and after stopping showed little long term effects.

Factors such as neighborhood, economic circumstance, personality types and family support were found to have a larger impact on adolescent marijuana use.