Using High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide To Turn Cannabis Into Essential Oils

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Pete Patterson, the COO & Co-Founder of Vitalis Extraction Technology. The technology behind the Vitalis Extraction Technology (Vitalis) can be used to decaffeinate coffee or even make perfume, but the Pete saw a rare opportunity in a budding market.

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Along with his two business partners Joel Sherlock and James Seabrook, the trio began creating the Vitalis business plan, which applied CO2 extraction technology to the cannabis industry. At their Kelowna factory, now manufactures units that use high-pressure carbon dioxide to turn cannabis into essential oils used for both medical and recreational cannabis products. We talk about why is it that CO2 extraction leads the way as the go-to process as opposed to using nitrogen or other various methods on the market. Plus how Pete transitioned into cannabis in the first place.