The Highest Quality Alkaline Drinking Water Available Nationwide

Today on Blunt Business were joined by Richard Wright the President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Co. His company made the headlines by announcing his A88 Infused Beverage Division is entering into a Technology-Licensing Agreement with Infusion Biosciences. The Alkaline Water Co. aims to achieve sector leadership by ensuring that Alkaline88 is consistently the highest quality alkaline drinking water available nationwide.


They aim to partner with top distributors, co-packers and key industry influencers to ensure the broadest distribution at competitive prices by utilizing gold standard supply chain efficiencies. Richard talks about what the company has been producing prior to Alkaline88, and what they are now looking to make with this formulation. As well as varieties, flavors, what kind of concentrations and what are the best benefits behind these beverages compared to other energy drinks or other hydration-type beverages.