The Benefits Of Indoor Farming To Someone Who Is A Proponent Of Sun-Grown

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Phil Gibson. Phil is the Vice President of Marketing for AEssenseGrows, a precision sensor and software technology company specializing in fully automated aeroponic platforms for indoor plant production. AEssenseGrows was founded on solving three 21st century issues: the need for high growth yields for a growing population, food safety, and conservation of resources. To attain these goals, they had to re-invent the entire process of agriculture down to its purest “essence”.

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AEssenseGrows created the AEtrium series, accelerated plant growth platforms and software delivering pure, zero pesticides, year-round, enriched growth.  This is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable food & medicinal production available.  Something that everyone deserves. They speak about how you explain the benefits of indoor farming to someone who is a proponent of sun-grown. As well as how much support they offer for that business that hears the word aeroponics and it goes over their head.