Hemp-Seed Infused Products For Pets and Humans For Joint Pain, Anxiety, And Inflammation

 Today on Blunt Business Sean Eubanks is joined by Darcy Bomford the Chief Executive Officer and Director of True Leaf. True Leaf already makes hemp-seed infused products for dogs to ease joint pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Three decades of executive management experience and a 30-year history of manufacturing pet products in three federally inspected plants throughout the USA and Canada. Highly adept at building brands through corporate vision, strategy and the successful development of relationships with team members and strategic partners.


He began in the pet care industry almost 30 years ago and have been passionate about it ever since.  At 14, Darcy worked in my first veterinary practice. Two years later, he was selling pet nutritional supplements throughout British Columbia. Over time, he realized what was truly important for pet health and began to formulate his own brand of supplements, turning them into pet treats.