Cannabis-Related Stocks, Regulations And New Applications Are Set To Dominate

Today on Blunt Business were joined by Ronan Levy, Chief Strategic Officer of Trait Bioscience. Ronan is a co-founder of Grassfed Ventures Inc., private equity and advisory firm focused on the cannabis and biotechnology industries. Prior to joining Trait, Ronan served as Senior Vice President, Business and Corporate Affairs at Aurora Cannabis Inc., which he joined after Aurora acquired CanvasRx Inc. in 2016, a company Ronan co-founded Ronan also serves on the Board of Directors of Province Brands.


Ronan has proclaimed that cannabis-related stocks, regulations and new applications are set to dominate conversations across North America and around the world. He briefs us on the research and forethought that led you to that prediction. We speak about if consumers will grow weary of “now with CBD” as a marketing pitch, And will true brands will start to emerge from such marketing.