Cannabis Real Estate: Maximize Your Business With a Strong Foundation

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined by Maureen McNamara from Cannabis Trainers and the seminar cannabis real estate: maximize your business with a strong foundation. Maureen is the Founder and Chief Facilitator with Cannabis Trainers; a corporation founded to create and deliver training solutions for the Cannabis Industry. She has combined her skills and expertise with Food Safety and Responsible Alcohol Service into a comprehensive, engaging new program to ensure the Responsible, Knowledgeable and Safe sale of cannabis: Sell-SMaRT, safe marijuana retail training. The Sell-SMaRT program prepares budtenders, cannabis consultants, owners, managers and all front-line store staff to effectively and safely handle complex situations. Marijuana selling involves many risks. Failure to act responsibly and proactively could result in fines, imprisonment, and suspension of licenses, increased insurance costs, or getting shut down. Cannabis Trainers invites savvy, professional, compliant operators to prepare their team to handle these potential risks with responsible marijuana sales training; the Sell-SMaRT program.


Maureen and the team at Cannabis Trainers deliver highly interactive and compelling workshops with enthusiasm, humor and professional facilitation. In addition to the Sell- SMaRT program, they are pleased to deliver the nationally recognized ServSafe Food Safety training to edible makers. Cannabis Trainers is a proud member of The National Cannabis Industry Association and a founding member of Women Grow. Committed to excellence, professionalism, and safety; Cannabis Trainers is a powerful partner to organizations and businesses in the Cannabis Industry. One of the most capital intensive pieces of operating a cannabis business is the acquisition of real estate and the build-out of the facilities. Finding investors, securing the right property, and making thoughtful design choices are essential to your success. In this session, industrial real estate experts will provide comprehensive information and first-hand insight into how to raise capital and then capitalize on that investment. The interactive discussion will outline the key steps of the real estate process, from assembling a team and researching state rules and regulations, to emerging design trends and building community support.