Want Tommy Chong To Promote Your Cannabis Business?

Want Tommy Chong To Promote Your Cannabis Business?

By Daron Babin - April 19, 2016

Tommy Chong To Promote Your Cannabis Business

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have the Pontiff of Pot promote your Cannabis product, service, smoke shop, dispensary or more…then NOW is the time. Cannabis Radio is please to have Tommy Chong  on board with us, and we’re having a 4/20 Special that will run for 31 days. You MUST reach out and contact us through this page if you are interested in receiving the discount on our normal prices.

What is it that Tommy can do for you? We’re glad you asked. The Tommy Chong Podcast has had well over 100,000+ listeners to his show since he launched with us. His listeners are dedicated to the cannabis lifestyle and lifelong fans. His show runs approximately 1 hour and there are the following opportunities:

  1. Product Placement (where Tommy uses the product on the air and it gets mentioned organically during the show)
  2. Segment Sponsor (this is where you become an official segment sponsor and Segment 1, 2 or 3 are “Brought to you by YOU!)
  3. Commercial Sponsor (We create and produce for you a :30 sec commercial that you get approval of and own

You can complete this form or check out all we have to offer over at our Cannabis Advertising page.