Just Rolling Joint Can Cause Positive Drug Test

Just Rolling Joint Can Cause Positive Drug Test

By Daron Babin - June 25, 2015

A German university study found just rolling a joint can cause a positive result on a drug test!

Though the University of Freiburg study had a very small sample size – only 10 people were part of the test – it did find that after 5 days of rolling joints the participants showed positive drug test results.

“Those who have had to submit to drug tests know all too well about THC’s habit of lingering in the body for long periods of time. This study proves you don’t even need to get high to show up positive; the act of breaking up bud exposes your skin to enough THC to show up on a drug test,” High Times reported.

This could create a lot of reasonable doubt in court cases where people claim they did not ‘smoke’ but came in to secondhand contact. The study reported “analytical findings may be wrongly interpreted as a proof of consumption” which could cause problems for prosecutors.

As High Times notes it may not be a good enough excuse for your employer but it could go a long way in court.