The Tommy Chong Podcast Will Blow Your Mind Man! Tune In.

The Tommy Chong Podcast Will Blow Your Mind Man! Tune In.

By Daron Babin - February 24, 2016

The All New Tommy Chong Podcast

It’s official, if you have been waiting with baited breath…fret no more. The funny man of Cannabis, Tommy Chong, will return to the podcast airwaves this coming Wednesday March 2nd, 2016.  He is joined by his co-host and very talented son, Paris Chong. The two come back to the podcasting scene after a bit of a sabbatical and of course after just launching Chong’s Choice. Tommy’s very own line of Cannabis Flower & Oil, etc.  Nothing keeps Tommy down, and its been no secret that cancer is a real pain in the ass he jokes. But in all seriousness, Tommy is back and stronger than ever. We’re extremely proud to announce this launch of The Tommy Chong Podcast. As everyone knows, he’s not only the funny man of weed…but has become the Ambassador of Ganja for people all over the world. The Tommy Chong Podcast

Paris & Tommy are no strangers to podcasting, you may have caught their old show: The Chong & Chong Show. Now they have decided to jump back on the mics, and do what they do best. They are going to talk about what is on their minds about not only cannabis, but literally…what ever is on their minds. With the Chongs, its always entertaining. So we know that as the politics heats up towards this Presidential Election…that we’ll hear plenty of thoughts on the upcoming “Marijuana Vote” across the country and many states ramp up to legalization.

So we encourage you to share this post with your friends and family, and let them know…The Chongs are turning on the mics and ready to get inside your head. Yes indeed, The Tommy Chong Podcast is here.

From the entire team at CannabisRadio.Com, we’re excited to welcome both Paris & Tommy Chong to our airwaves, and we hope you’ll join us in enjoying what the guys have in stock for us all.

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