Paul Ryan Dabs On Live TV Or Did He?

Paul Ryan Dabs On Live TV Or Did He?

By Daron Babin - January 12, 2017

Paul Ryan Dabs On Live TV?

Earlier this evening, Jake Tapper of CNN hosted a CNN Town Hall to have a conversation with House Speaker, Republican Paul Ryan. This was one of the most intense weeks politically for U.S. as not only did Senate Confirmations hearing begin (and with one of the most controversial nominees for U.S. Attorney General) and further confirmation of alleged Russian influence over President-Elect Donald Trump.

The legal cannabis community has been on edge as we get closer to completing the transition of power in Washington D.C. and rightfully so. Now that Republicans have taken control of the House & Senate, we in this community have our jobs cut out for us to not only maintain the status quo…but to continue making progress on the national legalization front.

With all the talk about the repeal of Obamacare, Russian hacking, Senate confirmation hearings, fake news, Trump’s tweeting and so much more…we thought we’d share the closing moment of levity from tonight’s CNN Town Hall with Paul Ryan. In the vein of social media and its role, Jake asks Paul Ryan about social media and his thoughts about it. The answer was surprisingly humorous. At least we thought so. With all of the weed memes the circulate the web about dabbing, you’d think the crossover would make it to the mainstream. Apparently not. Albeit, Paul Ryan says that even Cam Newton dabs…and tonight…so did Paul Ryan.

See below:

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