Ohio Cannabis Proposal Failed “Rephrasing Needed”

Ohio Cannabis Proposal Failed “Rephrasing Needed”

By Zachary Babin - March 22, 2016

Ohio Cannabis Proposal Failed

Associated Press  COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected the summary for a statewide ballot issue seeking to legalize both medical marijuana and industrial hemp in Ohio, meaning another Ohio Cannabis proposal failed.

Monday’s action means the Ohio Rights Group must rephrase its petitions and resubmit petition language to proceed.

DeWine found its summary failed to divulge that industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis would be “researched, regulated, and promoted by the state in a manner substantially similar to other agricultural crops” under the plan. He said the wording also misrepresented how the age limit of 21 would work.

DeWine, a Republican, has certified one medical marijuana ballot proposal and has a decision to make on a third by Friday. The efforts follow rejection by voters last fall of a more sweeping proposal to legalize both recreational and medical pot.

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