Officials Propose New Rules For Certifying Medical Pot

Officials Propose New Rules For Certifying Medical Pot

By Zachary Babin - January 3, 2017

New Rules For Certifying Medical Pot?

BOSTON (AP) — Certified nurse practitioners would be allowed to authorize medical marijuana use by patients under new rules proposed by Massachusetts health officials.

Public hearings on that and other revisions to the medical marijuana program are scheduled on Tuesday in Boston and on Thursday in Holyoke.

Under current rules, patients need permission from their doctors before they can register to use pot for certain medical condition. Under the proposed new rule, nurse practitioners could provide certification, although a physician must still certify use by any minor.

Another proposed change would allow caregiving institutions to register with the state to administer medical marijuana, rather than forcing each employee to register separately.

Massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana in 2012 and more recently gave the OK for recreational marijuana use by adults.