New Mobile Video Game For Cannabis Enthusiasts

New Mobile Video Game For Cannabis Enthusiasts

By Daron Babin - July 3, 2016

Mobile Video Game For Cannabis Enthusiasts

There’s a new mobile video game for cannabis enthusiasts that’s hit the app store. That’s right. Its all about a legalized town in Somewhereville America and you get to grow different strains to meet various different market demands. Buy new property to sell your newly grown cannabis to town consumers, hire folks from the community and grow your hemp empire.

You’ll see a bunch of familiar faces in this town, like Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Wiz Kalifa and many more celebrities. You can hire these celebs to tend your store or grow your cannabis. The more you level up, the more people you can hire. The more people you hire, the more you can produce and sell. Not only will you get a chance to add these iconic weed lovers to your empire, but you’ll also see NORML throughout the game. Just click on one of their billboards or signs, and you can click to sign a petition to legalize cannabis in your area. Share this free game with friends and family and tell them how they can make a social impact to help legalize cannabis in America.

New Mobile Video Game For Cannabis Enthusiasts

Last but not least, this week…’s show hosts and programming will be included in the video game so not only can you play this cool video game and helping spread social awareness about the plant. But you can now also listen to your favorite shows and stay tuned to all the latest in cannabis news…all while playing Hemp Inc. – The Weed & Marijuana Business Game.

Download it and start playing it now.