NASA Marijuana Scams: $18,000 Pay To Smoke Is Hoax

NASA Marijuana Scams: $18,000 Pay To Smoke Is Hoax

By Daron Babin - March 3, 2016

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Seems numerous publications are using what they think is the gullible nature of cannabis users to generate pageviews and traffic to their sites. The recent hoax that is sweeping Facebook and other social media is that NASA is paying people $18,000 to stay in bed and smoke marijuana.

This marijuana scam is similar to the one started last year about the National Research Center paying $3,000 a week to people for consuming cannabis.

These stories are an insult to anyone’s intelligence, but are given some credence by their repeated posting in social media. Sadly too many people see an article and share it or retweet it without reading or questioning the truth in it. And as the numbers grow rapidly for stories like this, that high Like or Share count adds to its authority and credence.

NASA seems to be a popular source of referencing these type of scams. There is a healthy number of alien believers, so when a story such as finding a planet covered in marijuana gets circulated there are people who pause to think – and lets face it may be under the influence just enough to go wow and hit that share button.

But if we want to be seen as a strong right thinking part of society and gain more legislative support for the plant we need to filter what news and fake stories are being spread online.