Hawaii Lawmakers On Driving While Baked

Hawaii Lawmakers On Driving While Baked

By Zachary Babin - March 28, 2016

Driving While Baked

Associated Press HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii lawmakers are asking how much marijuana a driver can safely consume before getting behind the wheel of a car.

It’s an issue Rep. Cindy Evans wants to address now that Hawaii is setting up medical marijuana dispensaries.

Evans introduced a resolution asking the state Department of Health to study whether a person can safely drive while under the influence.

Several other states have passed laws specifying how much marijuana in the blood stream is acceptable while driving. But they set different standards and there’s no federal rule.

Department of Health Director Virginia Pressler is against the resolution. She says the department doesn’t have the capacity to study the complicated question, especially because the resolution didn’t include funding.

The House Committee on Transportation passed the resolution Monday.

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