Doctor, Nurse, & Patient at Patients Out of Time Conference

Doctor, Nurse, & Patient at Patients Out of Time Conference

By Russ Belville - April 16, 2016

Cannabis Radio News stopped in to visit the 2016 Patients Out of Time Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. This 10th annual conference on cannabis clinical therapeutics unites doctors, nurses, and patients who are using cannabis as a medical treatment option in a variety of forms.

Our time there was brief but we did get a chance to talk to a doctor, a nurse, and a patient.

We sat down with Dr. David Bearman, MD, author of “Drugs Are NOT The Devil’s Tools“, a two-volume compendium of drug history and science.

Then we visited with Nurse Eileen Konieczny, RN, president of the American Cannabis Nurses Association.

And we caught up with Elvy Musikka, one of the two remaining federal medical marijuana patients. Musikka still receives a tin with eight ounces of marijuana joints grown and rolled by the federal government to treat her glaucoma.

We concluded our visit talking with a representative from, a service for finding physicians who recommend cannabis for medical use.